Size Guide for PuppyBellyBands®

We highly recommend that you measure your puppy using the measuring guide below before selecting a size for the puppy belly band.  We recommend going up one size if your puppy falls between two sizes or has lots of fur.

Below is our standard size guide, which are priced in our online store.
Puppy Belly Bands Male Dog Diapers Size Chart


Please contact us at regarding custom orders for dog belly bands.  Custom orders are any items that do not fall within our standard sizing guide above.  (For example, if you are requesting a 15" waist and 6" width or a 36" waist Puppy Belly Band, you would need to contact us regarding a custom order.)  Custom order prices are determined on a project-by-project basis and all custom orders are final sales with no refunds or exchanges.

puppy belly bands male dog diapers measuring guide

For best results, use a tailor's tape measure (also known as a cloth tape measure). If you do not have one, a piece of cotton string or dental floss will serve the purpose. For your puppy's safety, you should never use a metal tape measure!

Wrap the tape measure around your dog's waist directly in front of his hips and around his bits. [Labeled "A" in the drawing]    Be sure the tape measure is somewhat taut and includes all of your puppy's fur to ensure an accurate waist measurement.    Although our belly bands have a 4-inch long velcro strip to ensure tight fit and room for small adjustments, a too small or too big band, due to an incorrect waist measurement, will not work and your dog may be able to slip out when you are not at home.

If you are using a piece of string or floss, hold tight on the location where the string overlaps and then measure it with a yardstick (or a ruler). Make note of this measurement and select this size when ordering your Puppy Belly Bands.