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Shake it up a bit!  West Paw's catnip shaker makes pampering your pal so much easier! Harves..
All cat lovers know that a cat gets what a cat wants, and cats want fun, healthy toys like Fish f..
  Floppy, flat and fabulous, the stuffing-free Floppy Dog dog toy is designed for dogs t..
  Floppy, flat and fabulous, the stuffing-free Floppy Quack dog toy is designed for dogs..
  Floppy, flat and fabulous, the stuffing-free Floppy Giraffe dog toy is designed for do..
Buy your Kitty Cat some Eco Friendly Flowers! Flower for Cat is just that - a toy flower made wit..
Mouse, the original cat toy from West Paw Design has evolved! Now with a new eco-fabric coat, we ..
Rocky Mountain High is certified legal and more fun than a barrel of monkeys! A heaping sack of 1..
Bringing the mouse to the house! West Paw's best selling mouse is made from durable faux suede an..
Twist ‘em, bend ‘em, bat ‘em around! Give your frisky feline a toy she can really enjoy! Shaggy f..
    Every dog loves a bone, but you will love this plush dog toy even more sinc..
West Paw has put a crinkly, twist on a holiday favorite. Handcrafted in the USA, these Crinkle Ca..
  Go ahead and let your dog play some reindeer games, these reindeer dog toys can take i..
    Hurley® is a durable dog toy, made in the USA, that’s shaped like a bone an..
  Careful...Plunky just might turn your cat into a junky for West Paw Design products. T..
  Rat-a-cat-cat is a large cat toy that is not only ready for play, but adorable too. Do..
Children aren’t the only ones who need a teddy bear! Soft corduroy fabric and recycled polyfill c..
  West Paw's Turtle dog toy is no ordinary turtle - this turtle is helping the environme..
  Tux® is a stuffable, guaranteed tough dog treat toy! A durable dog toy that's meant fo..