Caring for your PuppyBellyBands

Here are some helpful hints and tips on how to care for your PuppyBellyBands:

- If you have many bands to wash (say, more than six), run your soiled bands through a rinse cycle with warm water. This will ensure most of the urine is out of the band before running through a normal wash cycle.

- For washing, use a cold wash and cold rinse (typical cycle for colors). If your dog has sensitive skin, you may wish to not use fabric softener.

- For drying, use the cotton or normal dryer setting.

- When washing and drying, we recommend you "close" the band. This will help prevent link and dog hairs from getting into the velcro.

All of the above recommendations work for our reusable liner pads too!

Are you finding the sticky side of the velcro is getting filled with lint? A simple way to clean the velcro is to use a basic plastic comb and pull the lint out with a scratching motion. If you velcro has a lot of lint you may be able to pull it off as you loosen it.


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