PuppyBellyBand Difference

What are the distinguishing features that make PuppyBellyBands doggy diapers better than the lower priced and sometimes higher priced dog belly bands available?

Quality Materials
First, we use only quality materials. That means 100% cotton fabric outer shells for durablility and fun and fashionable appearance, and you can wash your dog belly band (cold water recommended) whenever your puppy has an accident while wearing his band.  We use non-pilling fleece on the inside part (the part that is against your puppy's body). Whether you've just received your PuppyBellyBands doggy diaper, or have had it for months, it will always look as good as new.

Quality Construction
When you buy a PuppyBellyBands dog diaper, you get a well made product. The patterned shell and fleece lining are double stitched together for durability and to limit curling at the edges. The outer edge is stitched to prevent the dog belly band from coming apart, allowing your dog to slip out while you are away.
Unlike other competitors, we use "sew on" velcro strips instead of the "peel and stick" variety. The velcro is extra-wide, 2 inches wide (instead of a narrower 1 inch strip) and between 3 and 4 inches long (depending on the size of the dog belly band.)

PuppyBellyBands dog diapers are at least 4 inches wide allowing you to use pads (for example, for bladder control) to capture the urine and pull it away from your puppy's tender areas. If you do not use the pads (not recommended for heavy markers or dogs prone to accidents), our doggy diapers have added padding in the center that is held in place with extra stitching to hold the padding in place.

If you haven't done so already, take a look at our current PuppyBellyBands doggy diapers. We're sure that you'll find one your puppy or dog will absolutely love!